thanks a lot rachel

  February 15th, 2018 by Tonislav

i just asked my dad for help on my homework and he really f**king told me not to cut my veins because of it. thank you dad i really appreciate you helping me in life in general since you’ve been always by my side (not).

He worked on another country for about 6 years maybe more and yeah i know he is trying to earn money so i can be in a good school and get better education and shit but like seriously i left my country where all of my friends are, im having a shitty time here aaaand he still can’t fking help me in one little homework. SERIOUSLY. Im literally having a breakdown everyday. i cant sleep and my anxiety is over the rooftops.

i dont even know how to talk to him because every conversation i have is about jokes and stuff like that. everything serious i have to tell my mom because i cant trust my dad enough to talk about something like my feelings. im fucking doooone.


btw the title is from the video of the girl whose ipad’s not charging

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