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Thanks depression, nice to see you again.

by falling_soup

I have been feeling overwhelmed with how my depression will just show up out of nowhere. Major depression with reoccurring episodes. I can only about half of the time see when an episode is coming, the closer together my panic attacks are etc. I can only cope so well with this. I lately have been feeling like I have not need my anti depressants and whatever trauma I was going through I was prepared to feel it. I know feel my suicidial thoughts come and go and they are short and intense. My sadness is ongoing but those urges or feeling to cut again last for like ten or so minutes, I feel emotionally exhausted after and then it’s a cycle. I can’t really decide how I feel about needing to start anti depressants again.. I feel like a ant trapped under a glass cup

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hatedbyGOD 2/21/2018 - 6:53 am

Well the ant will keep on trying to find its way out as long as it breathes or when someone sees it and sets it free.
Hope you come out of it. Keep going.

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