March 19th, 2018 by darkwillow

Don’t judge too harshly, I’m new at violin xc  music in one of the only things that keep me wanting to live some days so I thought that I would share a quick video like I used to a year or so ago… I’m sorry I’m terrible at it, I’ll try to post another one when I get better at it! (This is also learned be ear so I doubt every note is correct..)


Darkwillow studios is not responsible for any burning, throbbing, or agonizing pain you may experience in this video. If you have experiences one of these symptoms in the course of this video, please contact your doctor immediately. If depression or thoughts of suicide further increase due to the contents of this video, (I’m pretty sure it did for me), you may quality for a quarter of your money back. (And by that I don’t mean 25 percent, I literally mean a quarter.) Because of the terrible playing, going death in both ears is a common result from this cover. If you find that you cannot hear after this, the effects should wear off witching 6-7 business days. Thank you for choosing darkwillow studies. Batteries not included.

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