What would you do?

  March 18th, 2018 by Mark_1981

On topic of suicide and im just curious… what would YOU do if you came across someone in the midst of a suicide attempt? They havent sucumbed yet and based on your quick surviellance of the situatiin, you may have to chance to intervene and potentially provide them with another day on this earth. You can decide who the person suiciding is whether it be a friend, family member, significant other.

With the above in mind, an interesting point would be that most people on here live with pain or suffering of some sort. Also bear in mind that oftentimes suicidal persons are placed in psychriactric treatment for an unknown duration.

For all intents and purposes, pretend you actually come across this and youre recording your reaction.

Would you:
A) Stop them and/or intervene and call 911?
B) Leave them be and wish them well. Check on them on occassion until they have passed then call for help?
C) Help them complete their wish by ensuring they dont fail.
D) Just leave. You didnt see anything.
E) Other

I personally and admittedly would likely do A.

Who else wants to weigh in?

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