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Mcmark1981@gmail.com I grew up isolated... the 1st 16 years of my life I was in seclusion with exception to school and church... as a rule we (I have two siblings) could not have friends. We as a family did not participate in sports or any other social type behaviour. Relatives did not visit (nor did we visit them despite being not more than 15km away). I struggle with anxiety/social aversion, depression, and gender identity. Anxiety/aversion is somewhat explanatory, same with depression. Gender identity is more difficult. I am male, 34, but I don't identify with other males. I don't see myself as a man (or any other names identifying the male gender). I have come to refer to myself as agender... one who lacks a gender. I am not trans... I've thought about that. I equate much of it to the growing up environment in which I was raised.... social isolation, emotional abuse and neglect.

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