It’s all a myth

  June 13th, 2018 by Anonydeath

Life is all a myth, interaction with any other human muddles the perception of reality. We are slowly killing this planet and this planet is killing us. It has every right to. There is no such thing as happiness, love, loyalty, soulmates, or anything like that. People that have the delusions of these feelings are the lucky ones. Movies, TV, media in general fuel these horrible misconceptions and ruin any chance of healing society. Why should I feel bad for not liking myself or my life? Yeah, I’ve had some shitty experiences that no young person should ever have to go through so what. A lot of people have. Yeah, it may have shaped some of the experiences later in life, happens to everyone. So why, through all of that, can I not just be content to be having experiences every day? I sabotage everything and then wonder why I cut myself and think I’m invisible and want to crawl in a dark hole and sleep forever. Such is life, huh?

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