Yume Nikki (Dream Diary)

  July 29th, 2018 by WanderingDreamer91

Yume Nikki (Dream Diary)


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A really popular freeware rpg maker horror game, Yume Nikki is a story about a socially reclusive girl who never leaves her home and instead sleeps to live in a lucid world of dreams and nightmares, from the serene to the disturbing…


The game has no plot or dialogue to speak of, but instead a big open world with a lot of creative interactivity with these effects that you collect.


Many people have tried to come up with their own explanations on this game’s imagery, whether or not any symbolism actually exists, and have even made their own fan games, which there are many.


I’m not sure what to say other than that, sorry. 🙁 I have a description of this game in my profile too. :p


Yume Nikki: In a silent world, a lone girl who refuses to leave her home does nothing but sleep and play games all day and night… In her dreams, there are a number of interesting things, from the disturbing to the serene. What does it all mean? That is up for you to decide.

(A total classic, this game has gotten an entire plethora of fan games made in it’s name. The open world nature and surrealism draw in people a lot, if not the introversion.)


How to Play


Download the game, an RTP file (Rpg Maker 2003 I think), and a file extractor such as Winrar, then when you download the game, right click and extract the files through your file extractor and it should have it’s own folder and an icon somewhere for you to play it when you open it up. :p


I can’t really explain this… if you still need help, you could probably google or youtube it. :p


Anyways, I hope you enjoy Yume Nikki and it’s fan games. <3

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