Jax and Oliver

  September 4th, 2018 by Alumina

I’m lying in bed, my dog can’t work out why I’m crying. Everything is getting worse. My foster family threw me out because my dog chased their cat, they think that the cat is dead because she hasn’t come back in a day. My foster dad is the one who let him out but I got the blame. They took to Facebook and the RSPCA got involved, they want me to surrender my beloved jax tomorrow. He’s helped me get though so much and now he’s being taken from me. I used to have two dogs but Oliver was baited a year ago. It hurt like hell to watch the life die from his eyes as I could do nothing and now my other baby is being taken away. Does thus world just not want me to be happy. One by one each pet I get is taken, one by one I’m left alone. What did I ever do? They’re good dogs, Oliver was only 8 months old and now the person I’ve called my mother for five years wants nothing to do with me. I guess I’ve failed… my life lines are being taken one by one and honestly I don’t know how much more I can take.

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