Trump turned everyone against me…

  October 11th, 2018 by JustSomeGuy4455

Two of my most recent posts got deleted I believe because I was linking  to other websites. I know that this place is a safe space where I can vent out my frustrations without judgement, so I’m going to try again.


As I said, I don’t think I love my mother anymore. I wish I could make her see what she needs to reap when I heard that Trump is “transporting thousands of immigrant children into camp cities.” I outright said that I wanted to punch her. She chose Trump over her own autistic asexual child.


Trump turned my own people against each other as well as on me. There was a very vocal group of people within my own gender and sexual nonconformist community that were actually in favor of the other guy not being able to marry and raise children with the person of the same sex or gender that they love. Do I even need to mention that military ban?


Divide and conquer.


Now I really wish I was dead.

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