What are you thinking right now?

  November 17th, 2018 by Mac-10toSchool

In general, Feelings cannot happen without a thought happening first. If you feel sad, it’s because you are thinking sad thoughts. If your thoughts are happy, you will feel happier. If you think you cant do something, then you’ll feel powerless, and you wont do that thing–even if you have the ability and really CAN! We can delude ourselves like that. If your feelings seem “automatic”, it’s a good indicator that youve been running your thoughts on “auto pilot”. Its possible to take back control though. What you put into your head or keep inside your head is what you will get right back.

Thought -> Feeling -> Action

Being more aware of your thinking habits can allow you to stop the cycle of negativity. People with chemical imbalances should take meds as well.

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