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My suicide Project

by Yikrens

All it was meant painless.

but I obsessed myself believing it is actual death.

by living I find myself mysterious always more done to finish. I’m aware that i could develope asperger.

slowy the end is announcing but I keep having fears. Yes, this is paranoid.

i must be schizophrenic. things get lost. I lose my cool by living.

lost it but now I’m here just with another. I feel human.

but painless became hedonism. I’m egotistical, I lose friends. Must be a sociopath.


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Cause of Death: Suicide 2/26/2019 - 7:29 pm

Yes. I must have aspergers and be schizophrenic and I must also be sociopathic. Are you a nihilist too?
What else could it be?

Maybe you’ll be featured in a documentary for crazies and there they can explain how you had aspergers schizophrenia and were a sociopath XD

Then you could be famous on television XP

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