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short and sweet

by viola

fuck this shit fuck this country i hate my country’s educational system,, so many kids attempting suicide and no one’s doing jackshit FAST about it.

well, i guess i’ll just be another dead body in the morning. i hate living. i hate life. bye.. see you all in the afterlife…

fucking tired of humans,,, i hope i get reborn as a loved and pampered cat or dog because i just don’t want to think!!! im sick of using my brain!! even when people tell me im smart, im fucking dumb and fail tests and fail to pass my homework on time!! fuck this shit!! i just want God to take my dumb life!!!! im so sick of this shit…!

good bye!!! fuck it all!!

someone take care of my journal, my boyfriend, my family, and my dog for me please

cant even fucking drink water because of the shitass government my country has hope yall just die a slow and despairing death,, good BYE

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Cause of Death: Suicide 3/12/2019 - 9:28 am

Well personally, as I was through the system like a normal student – But then became an adult (I always thought that meant you could make your own decisions?) i’d hate to be interrupted in an attempt by someone trying to do ‘jacksh*t’ about it. All in all, last thing I’d want is someone I don’t know to butt their head in – because they think it’ll help. Lol. God that would be fcking terrible. When you’re ready then you’re fckin ready you don’t need more them folks butting their heads in trying to interrupt.

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