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Stray Kids

by peachuniverse

I’ve been a fan of so many idols and never, have I ever, encountered one who communicates to fans like his fans are his closest friends. Especially last night, he said something like “When you’re feeling depressed or anything, just come to us anytime. Stray Kids would listen. We’ll fix you.” and those tears that I never knew existed for so long just kept on gushing down on my face. The way he said “We’ll fix you.” ignited some hope in me that I could become a better person, but can I really do that? Can I really be fixed when no one else can? Can I be hopeful just for one night?

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I hope this song of theirs would be able to get you the hope I’m also feeling. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5HMOkfE3kno


They have become my pill of happiness. They write and produce their own songs at ages 22-20. They know what society really brings and they’re trying to break those toxic norms out of our life. I couldn’t get any more hopeful, especially when the leader of this group went live last night and told us that he would listen to us.


I’ll be seeing them on the 27th but I badly want to die, I can’t stand everything. The burden, the loneliness, the endless ripples in my head. I don’t know. I want to see them but I don’t feel like I deserve to see them. They saved me but I don’t know how to save me. The amount of emotional support they give to us, fans, really pushed me so hard of wanting to become a better person but my thoughts. My thoughts are overpowering the emotional support my boys are giving me. I’ll die anyways why would I change myself? Those kind of thoughts.

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peachuniverse 4/15/2019 - 10:19 am

“if you guys have anything, you know come find us. we’ll help you out… or we’ll at least TRY to help you out.. don’t cry! nooo…”

please im so weak for this. i have never heard any of these words from anyone i know in my life but ??

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