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Hanging myself FAILURE

by mermaidgirl20

I have literally tried this 50 times. With a robe thing, shoelaces, tourniquet. Everything. I cannot pass out. How the hell do people die from this? I am so irritated I could light myself on fire. HOW DO I HANG MYSELF AND PASS OUT???????


d3miurg3 Why don’t you go get paralysed from the neck down you abdominal twat ****



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shatterediris 5/25/2019 - 4:56 am

I’m sorry 🙁
Hanging is a method that’s always been too intimidating for me to put much thought into.

darkwillow 5/25/2019 - 5:33 am

And you cant even do death by drowning because.. you’re a mermaid! xc

mermaidgirl20 5/26/2019 - 6:35 pm


Hope Dream Love 5/25/2019 - 6:55 pm

yeah those are terrifying. hanging really isnt something id suggest. i did it by an accident when i was 7 and i almost died but someone saved me. there was struggling screaming followed by pitch black.

mermaidgirl20 5/26/2019 - 6:36 pm

At least you got to passing out all it does is make my head feel like it’s gonna explode. So fucking tired of not getting it right

mermaidgirl20 5/26/2019 - 6:35 pm

Yeah I think you better watch your fucking tone. OK i don’t enjoy hanging myself I just can’t find my sweet spot. You’ve really made me mad.fuck off mate.

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