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Can you be saved?


Do you know that feeling where your chest tightens and you can’t breathe, can’t sleep, can’t even talk and you just sit there and cry because you’re tired of this?

The room is quiet but you can’t seem to focus because your mind is too loud, you cried but no one can hear you and you smile but no one see through you. When you’re outside all you want to be is your bed and when you’re in bed you can’t sleep because these whispers become louder than your own voice! And you are struggling to keep yourself together although you’re already broken apart and the only question left is are you worthy of saving? can you truly be saved by all these? As much as you want to believe you can, you know that you fall too deep to find help because you’re alone.

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rocketman 6/20/2019 - 10:02 am

Their was a time when I was like 17 to 19, I constantly had anxiety chest would hurt thought about it everyday, back then they didn’t even use the word anxiety, never thought I’d live through it, but I did, it lessened over time. I don’t remember voices and such, I did have a lot going on full time job with overtime, was alone. I got involved with music “bands”, that release a lot of anxiety, that helped and it never really go away but it’s not like devastating as in that time period.

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