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by Wisp

Not really suicide related

I’m going to sound really whiny here… as if I should just shut up and be grateful and be glad I’m able to go overseas for a little while.

If I said I wasn’t enjoying it here, I’d be lying. Think about it though, spend a few fun days overseas and then come back to your miserable life again… is it worth it to you?

Also its easy to fall into an illusion, you somehow spend so much more $$$$ than what you originally planned to. Or maybe you suddenly think that everyone is wonderful.

Anyway, I guess this is food for thought. But if you are miserable all the time there might be an underlying issue that needs to be be addressed, which a holiday isn’t really going to solve in the long term (unless you are rich, maybe).

I’ve done quite a bit of shopping here. As stupid as I’m going to sound, I feel that all of these shopping centres are just a sickness. It’s like they are telling us, well, you should be spending! Why do shops have nice displays and eye catching storefronts and whatever else??? And of course there’s also online shopping, which is even worse. Anyway not here to give crap ‘advice’… if you don’t want a product, don’t buy it. if you are only going to use a product once and then just let it collect dust, I don’t think you should buy said product either. That’s the first thing I ask when I buy something, will I use it?

If there’s something you want to do and have the means to do it, go and do it…. yes, do it. Really. Just do it. Note how I said, if you have the means πŸ˜›

You should definitely try to have some joy in your life before you decide to end it. Sadly that’s a pipe dream… alot of people are just endlessly miserable and it will never change (not even for a little while). Because we can’t just click our fingers and magically change our situation. In an idealistic world we world just go and ‘change our situation’. But many are just born into bad circumstances which can’t be changed, or would be extremely difficult to change. There’s so many factors, really.

^lots of babble

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rocketman 6/28/2019 - 8:57 pm

Your fine, a get away never solves your problems but takes your mind off them for a bit, I’m tired sitting here but very tired lately, I hope you had some fun, fun to me is sleeping at the moment.

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