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by Jack

I don’t see a point to keep living.

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ending.peaceful 9/10/2019 - 3:00 pm

Just remember everything changes….That is the one constant in life. What is bad will become better. What is better will turn to crap. It is the cycle of life. And life is not easy.

Everyone just wants to be happy but few realize happiness is just another emotion that is transient. It comes and goes. And is far too infrequent in many peoples lives.

The point is it will change and eventually get better. You are in a row boat in life with two oars. You stay stuck in the same place unless you put the oars in water and propel yourself.

So the point simply stated is you get what you give. You move that boat forward and out of your darkness by putting your oars in the water and rowing.

And If you cannot handle it by yourself. Give yourself a gift and reach out to someone. Plenty of help is out there, even in just friends, but its price is honesty. Don’t hide your pain, share it…and it becomes less of a burden. Call the suicide hot line or talk to a minister if you are afraid of telling your friends..

But they are they much of a friend if they would turn their back? Would you do that to someone you cared about?

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