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Some lyrics I translated. What do you think about them?

by Jack

It’s like the universe does not want us anymore, time erases my memory, my sence, my lyrics, it changes my face, steals life’s meaning, it difuses the stress created by all of us, and behind him no keys, no doors remain, but you act like you’re gonna be here forever, you sit when you should stand up, you shut up when you should speak and you attack the people that love you believing that they wanna make you feel bad, it’s a crazy game in which like the rest you pretend that everything’s okay, and along with them you destroy the things that unite us, and I can’t remember my grandfather’s face and I feel bad but this is not my only regret because time is the perfect killer, it kills us with every inhaled breath, it makes us forget who we were, it makes others forget that we existed, he is the last witness, he knows life in it’s entirety but in the end the world will want to forget us and herself and then peace will come to stay.


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SleeplessMind 9/23/2019 - 7:38 pm

That’s beautiful, Jack.
What’s the song name? Who sings it?

Jack 9/23/2019 - 9:43 pm

It’s from a romanian rap song. Veritasaga – Ucigasul perfect meaning the perfect killer ( referring to time )

SleeplessMind 9/25/2019 - 1:03 am

Not too many other killers can be given such a description.. time is a perfect killer, but also, a menacing *****.. patience truly is a virtue.

I looked the song up, and listened to it in full (though I dont speak Romanian), and was surprised the essence isn’t lost, even in a foreign language.

The majority of people letting time slip through their hands, wasting whatever moments they have, but.. obviously I’m not living every moment to its fullest, so I fit into the lemming status there.

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