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A cicada tale

by aCicada

I think it’s time I shed my skin
after 5 years
of no contact
or rather
a very little contact
I had with her.

I remember the early days
staying underground
under the Silent Hill
How in hell could that been
such an easy goodbye
after countless nights
of being together.

I knew about her predators
living outside
and I was worried
like.. really worried.
I remember the very beginning
the hardships
of making through to the next night.
And then the next one..
And the next..
At the time
She was my only friend.
I had to protect her by any means.

We argued sometimes
Not as much as we did at the latter times
but still..
She’s a hot head
And would say words
than after she would come back again
after a cool down
with an apology
like the last time.

Although her wit was beyond her age
there is another thing I liked most
was her never ending buzz
every night
squeaky but yet
one of the kind.
I swear I could live with it
my whole life.

Now that I’ve come this far
I’ve realized that
all she told me is just a story
her squeaky voice is a memory
promises are not going to be kept
and I will be just someone
she once knew.

I should do something about it.
But I don’t know exactly what.
I’ll do what I can do.

Then all that what is left over
join my billions or gazillions
of my kind.

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postalservice 11/30/2019 - 10:09 pm

I liked this. It’s sweet. I hope you start to feel better soon.

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