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dammit i

by evianwatre

i’ve been wearing black turtle necks a lot because it’s warm for winter-i haven’t strangled in a while (not in a sexual way lol idk how people get off to that), i like it bc i dont like the feeling of getting my skin cut through or whatever, and it usually leaves less of a mark, but this time i did it and i guess bc i havent done it for a while i didn’t do it correctly (ig theres no correct way to do it i just have my way), and it left some thin marks and it was mediocre, i didnt even feel anything. since i’ve been wearing the same turtle neck for so long (uniqlo and their good quality), i’m kind of tired of that, but i have to wear that again to cover the marks up. usually, well most of the time i get a slight red mark but little red blood marks pop up on my face and neck, ik it’s bad for my skin but at least it looked natural. well, my point is, i really dont know the point actually, but this time it left obvious marks and i hate that!!

microwaved bread with nacho cheese on top is kind of good

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evianwatre 1/23/2020 - 4:24 am

good night for north americans, finally finished that fucking poster, going to go to sleep, i’m starting to hate that turtle neck

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