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The big bang theory

by Abandoned

Idk why i chose this to be the topic of todays post. Maybe because i remembered and i feel like shit now. Even though its not my fault.

Ever watch the big bang theory? I only saw a little bit. I was at a family friends house with my parents. I think it was sheldon. I dont remember it was YEARS ago. Anyway he said something like “kids are like pancakes the first is always a fail” and my parents agreed. To our friends. With me RIGHT THERE. It took everything in me to not cry right then and there. And they all laughed. All 4 of them. Like i wasnt even there.

Idk. I dont exactly have a point to this, just a memory that hurts i guess.


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_loser_ 4/30/2020 - 11:30 am

Dude wtf…

DOA 4/30/2020 - 11:37 am


_loser_ 4/30/2020 - 12:48 pm

Just that’s pretty fucked bro

DOA 4/30/2020 - 12:53 pm

lol yeah…thats definitely a word for the whole thing. but i walked into my dads work and told him hes a disappointment and to never talk to me again. which he didnt listen to so next im gonna get a restraining order. a child (no matter what age) should have to do that to the people that raised them…or lack there of lol. the last thing i have is respect for those 2. anyway i went WAAAAY off topic hahaha

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