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Just another stupid poem

by Abnormal.Thoughts
    Come Inside

Welcome Darkness,
Wrap me up in a blanket of your cold embrace.
Watch the light as it flickers out.

Hello Lonely,
Surrounded by friends or demons so close.
I couldn’t tell if you were there.

Goodbye Sanity,
No one can see the tangled lands in here.
I’ve fallen to far to find you.

Finally, Death, my old friend,
Ive waited here forever in hopes that you could come.
Take me to your home.

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GraveError 8/8/2020 - 12:58 am

Hello Lonely, I do believe we’ve met before.
But Not outside the window, I found you at my door.
The Black limo, driving round the bend,
The eternal cost of time and ten.
The Years that passed in time, in time, the summer is gone, you’re in my mind.

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