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I want to help. I’m gonna help. I’m here

by OverloadOfEmotions

Greetings, fellow site members.

I realize that today is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and, as many helpful folks like the ones on this website have helped me battle suicide, I want nothing more but to return the favor.

I have been battling bipolar depression for almost four years. I wish not to put it in any further detail, but as the months passed by, friends, hotlines, and random website folks like you guys have gradually convinced me that it just isn’t the answer. It actually does get better. And as much as these people successfully conveyed that message to me, I want to convey it to at least one person who needs it so the world has one less tragic death on its hands.

So, to anyone in this website tired of the struggles of life, wanting to leave this world… there is another way. There is still so much to live for. No matter how hated you may feel right now, if you do go, someone out there–be it your parents, a friend, or even a random bloke watching a YouTube tribute–WILL miss you or at least wish they could have done something to prevent it.

I’m here to talk. You can tell me your problem in the comments, or you can e-mail me at pcprincipal049@gmail.com (have no fear, this isn’t my primary email) and I’m pretty much awake all the time.

Thank you all πŸ™‚

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