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i hate me

by Abandoned

im going to start this off with, im disabling comments because i dont want to be hated i hate myself enough as is and i dont need a strangers opinion on the damn internet. as we have seen from recent posts people dont know how to be respectable even on a suicide site where it should be a damn given. these people are sensitive and probably hate themselves enough on their own without your help. honest to god, treat others the way you want to be treated, unless of course you want people to hate you but thats your choice i guess.

wow i really digressed. anyway the purpose of this.

its wrong of me, i know, but i cant control it. i didnt ask for this. i dont want this. i want stability and because of myself i cant have it. i cant be with both of them. they both have said no to the idea in general plus they hate each other. and i cant be with one without the other because ill miss them. i hate emotions. they are so fucking useless……

i wanted to try and explain myself…..this wasnt the point of this…..but i cant seem to

i love you even though youre both probably a million times better without me even though i need you.

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