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Finals and stuff


Finals are comming. Like everything its a lose lose scenario. If i fail the finals Im just a piece of shit and a total burden to anyone, parasyte sucking off my parents at 21 years of age with no results. If I pass nothing changes and my shitlife continues and Im gonna spend another minimum 3 years in this house till I finish college IF IT GOES WELL. Fking bright future!

I had nightmares last night after long time (I smoke pounds of weed daily so no dreams anymore usually). I was very depressed today. Cried at one point. I would like a girl to hug me. Pathetic indeed. Im not even ugly, just weak minded person, no selflove in me.

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corvidaecorpse 1/24/2021 - 12:00 am

I can relate- I dropped out of college, flunked bc I was in bed too much to attend most of my classes. now I live in my partner’s room at their parents’ house working a dead-end job that has refused to give a paycheck since the fucking pandemic started. If you do fail the finals tho, if your cumulative gpa is still relatively okay theyll let you retake the classes multiple times b4 they start making you jump thru hoops abt it. if your teacher likes you you can talk to them outside of class and schmooze them into bumping your final grade a bit- most decent professors want you pass and if they know you know your stuff they’ll grant leniency.

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