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good for nothing

by system

“please don’t confuse me wanting your body as the only reason I talk to you” – ******, my abuser.

the person who said that to me is the same person who forced me to dig a razor into my face.  the same person who made me carve his name into my thigh.

i am nothing but my body and i have come to accept that.

i am good for nothing.

“i love you for more than just your body”

bullshit.  BULLSHIT.  ****** wasn’t the first to say that.  he was one of many, i say many because ~8 years (excluding ******) worth of abusers isn’t something i can translate into a number.  because i’ve lost count.

the ONLY reason anyone is EVER “interested” (romantically) in me is because of my fucking body.

they use me.  they get bored.  they discard me.

this is why i hide.


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