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by system

i’m unable to remember much from those years.

those years.

those nine excruciatingly long years of abuse.

there’s no getting that time back.

that time is gone.

those years are gone.  i will never be that young again.

i can’t recall a childhood when it never existed.

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a1957 4/2/2021 - 12:38 pm

I was abused excruciating pain about 8 years as a child. As I read this I feel your grief. It was wrong what they did to you and it will always will be wrong, so wrong. Grief is part of the recovery. I have heavy grief from time to time when something reminds me of what they did to me. Well, we are not robots, we will feel that grief, but it lightens up a bit over time, a helpful therapist helps so much.

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