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by LoneSoul

emptiness feelings. I try to do things to keep me looking stable live. But when I get caught up in my Imagination/daydream like state. The Thoughts becomes a scenes like from movie’s trying to find place for the roles. I lose my role as a director and end up finding Myself as a viewer to my own life. I watch everything go by. I’m used to this. I’ve seen these same events. I know where it leads to. But don’t know why I let it happen. I’ve really stop caring a long time ago about my well being. When I do something that hurt’s myself I know the exact outcome but never really bother about it. I’ve told countless people about my problems. But I guess they don’t really care. This world belief systems lost every ounce of faith in me. And I found myself Lost in dark which I put myself in




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TheOpenRoad 5/26/2021 - 11:46 am

I’m sorry

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