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by darkwillow

I have a strong fascination for the dreamy, irrational, wonderous, obscure. Fantasy worlds, unreal colors, indescribable sensations, mosaics emotions.

These things exist clearly when we’re dreaming. But sometimes within reality as well. When listening to music, looking into someone’s eyes, the sky, patterns on a rock. As well as any art form really. I try to live in this world as much as I can. It’s quite easy to when the thoughts of reality are absent. The reality we consider and agree on is very rational. Strongly structured and absent from any color.

I always feel as if I’m on another planet whenever I listen to play music. It’s started to make me curious. What would happen if this fantasy world became our reality, and reality became our fantasy world? That somehow we could change our brains into finding and living in this world a majority of the time and only enter the normal world when needed. Just like what young children do.


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TheOpenRoad 6/4/2021 - 6:37 am

Yeah sometimes you wish dreams were real

TheG 6/12/2021 - 2:19 pm

Indeed, living in a dreamscape with the occasional nightmare of that dystopian waste called reality. I’d ask if there were a way to get rid of reality.

I often entertain the ideal of breaking life, as in the construct that forces us into the rules and stupid game of life. To generate enough force, something the order of 10 heptillion detonating supernovae used to simply overpower reality itself, watch it scream and die as it gets crushed by sheer and absolute force.

All the rules, symmetries, need for and even concept of competition, catch 22s, fates, cicumstances we have to obide by, all of them slammed against a flow so violently absolute that life is bent, cracked, broken and shattered to oblivion….and we are free to create our own world, in colour’s as vibrant as our conscious is.

And to whatever made the reality we destroyed, even if it was us, show them how utterly inpet that attempt was.

darkwillow 6/20/2021 - 1:06 am

I like you, you’re cool

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