July 31st, 2011by Jamie-S11

There is absolutely no point to my life. I’m extremely paranoid all the time and feel like whenever a friend hangs out with me at my house, it’s just out of pity. I stay in the house all day with the curtains closed pretending I don’t exist. The only time i’m comfortable is when i’m alone in my room in the dark. I’ve tried many different types of medication that haven’t worked and been to psychologists who do nothing really. The truth is that nobody cares. My mum does… but thats it. She’s the only thing stopping me killing myself. It’s gotten to the stage now that I don’t even want anyone to try and help me. I’ve just lost all interest in life and hope that when I sleep at night I don’t wake up in the morning or someone would randomly shoot or stab me for no reason.

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