What’s keeping you from being happy?

November 21st, 2011 by nick_tann

For me it’s my fear of death.

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10 Responses to “What’s keeping you from being happy?”

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  1. my fear of a negative future

  2. What do you mean, Karen?

  3. for me its my friends and one of my others…

  4. People, work, money, relationships, responsibility, paranoia, fear of failure, commitment issues, to name a few

  5. Life in general,it’s not easy when you struggle mentally.I don’t fear death,it’s a good way out.Who wants to get to 75 and be in an old peoples home with Alzhimers

  6. depression and bullying and the voices of others that travel my ears.

  7. right? that is truly my worst fear… to grow old and feeble

  8. The idea of a future which I’ll never have.

  9. personalty disorders

  10. I’m numb, just numb. Whenever I start to feel happy, I feel sick. Like it’s completely wrong for me to feel that way.

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