Why is it always my fault

  May 13th, 2009 by Kieylee102

I don’t know why but everytime something happens in my house it’s my fault. It’s never thanks you found it or hey do you know where this thing is I can’t find it. It’s always where is it you moved it you better find. If you don’t find I’m going to beat your ass. You can’t go to sleep or school till you find it. If I ever find out it’s your fault next time I’ll beat your ass till you bleed. How can you say that person loves you. That’s the point you can’t because it’s always hatered towards you. I’m so sick and tired of it being my fault and I always have to be a parent to my little sister. I hate and she hates it. If she doesn’t get her stuff done it’s my reasponablty to make her do it. All I want is to be a kid and go out with my friends or go to their birthday parties. I don’t mind chores I really don’t but I really want freedom. But the biggist thing I want is for that person that blames me all the time to really love me. That’s all they say that they love me but the way they treat me I can’t really belive that. I wish they could understand me if they did life wouldn’t be so bad.That person truly hates me for all time and it will never change.

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