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it dosen’t make sence so much, but then again, what dose?

by emily25

I’m sick of people. I’m always getting in their way and there always getting in my way. I’m sick of them telling me to be myself and then setting all these rules of this and that down that make me not be who I am. In a way I guess I am this this person. I mean, since I do act like this person they want me to be, that I am in fact this person. But I’m not happy this way. They say they want me to be happy… I do no think they do. If they wanted me to be happy then they wouldn’t tell me how to act or when to be serious or when to laugh or cry or smile or to frown. Those reactions should be of the own free will. Not as one to wait for someone to tell you to do.

We hide emotion under our skin as long as possible. We stay under the emotions. Trapt inside our own minds. Not dead and cold, but as if in a living coma. You are there but wishing for it to end. Unable to speak with the world. The opposite of amnesia. This disease crippling but not killing. It will end one day.

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Christina 1/8/2010 - 3:03 am

im here if u need to talk or whatever!!!

e-mail mkafan12@yahoo.com

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