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The Forgotten Place

by Vincent

happiness lays wasted,

times now dead and gone,

Sadness consuming now,

A heart now dead and gone

Innocence taken, suffocated,

No choices, yourself once hated,

Sadness belonging now

A heart blackened ash,

all that remains

Sorrow flows, a river in my veins

Frozen in time, smiles now faded

lay my head down, this is the cleansing,

a life now void of meaning.

Take a life, grasped in misery

Clutched in sorrow, no way out,

A solution drowned in powder,

Judgment not clouded, shrouded,

I’m Free

A lifeless body on looked by faces

Wet tear streams touch, forbidden places,

A eulogy placed memories erased

Fly on broken wings, to a long forgotten place

A lucid dream, saturated eternal sleep.

A mind no longer plagued,

by a disease of pain

Set free, by bounds of mortality

A permanent ending, lasting eternity

Places remember, in a heart lays embers

Never selfish, loved all, lay waste to vanity,

Guilty the charge, by means of insanity

Another statistic, a suicide, always remembered.

Carved in my wrists, the solution finally exists,

Drowned in eternity, a broken heart

never heals, Pain never erased

Take your wings, now broken,

To that long forgotten place.


Copyright 2010

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