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by Acid_hagar

The lights have all gone dim

and im questioning when they will go out

we always said we would leave this town

never knew it would be like this

I want to be where everyone goes

sleeping on the floor,

sleeping to make everything make sense

don’t wake me, the nightmares are like the old days

well if you look at it like I do

its not a dark tunnel with a light at the end

its so bright I cant open my eyes

well I love you enough to stay so don’t tell me to straighten up

ill stay fucked up so I can stay

ill stay numb so you can at least hold a warm body

so I am almost here

just not quite

It’s 3 AM and ive woken to an empty house

losing the feeling of feeling weak

I try to stand, I tried to fight the darkness that wasnt home

wasnt behind bright eyes and bright futures

so when the innocence was taken

we were left empty and hollow

like dolls

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1 comment

Something. 9/17/2010 - 8:32 pm

Honestly? I really really loved this.

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