August 28th, 2011 by Jasminexhelpme

So i took 40allergy pills on purpose obviously . its just been so rough i really dont give a shit any more say blauh thats stupid why werent you knocked out cold?!?!?! allergy pills make you sleepy idfk! okay but what ever on one hand i want to live because of certain peopl on the other im just tired of shit!!!! my family !!! my grandma my best friend just died & my father the reason i was living to see him again died also ! with in 7 months !!!!! what the fuck!!! i just like to swera and th trow things and punch and cutt . my sister kpyt calling me ***** face>>> so i cutt ***** into my leg . my mom thouight i was lien about being melosted so i cut lies in my arm & leg they wont ever go away i regret it but it feels good just writing this makes me more angrey & i apoligize for how horrible its spelled i cant see what its writing because it is retarded

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