Three Suicide Atemmpts

  August 30th, 2011 by briannabori

Okay this is so  much torture but i will pass. Im Eleven Years old. i have suffered in the pass. my mom is 40 years old. i think my mom has rude way of speaking so i speak to her the same like Fuck you Jack ass And all this others stuff. I Have A Blue Dairy With A Puppy on it.And i hide the key  so my mom doesnt gets in it and she got it and read my  everything my crushes, My Boyfriends Everthing.when i mean everything if it would take her to days to read it she wont miss a page . So i wrote in my diary “ My life is done im hopeless for everyone ” So I should Commit my First Atemmpt of suicide Using  A Dose of pills yes i   had alot of chest pains but i kept it in no body cared so the pain felt worst my second atempt came to my mind but by hanging myself So i got my moms belt and tied it to a hook in my room i was purple and  my sister found me doing that she called my mom .My mom got a belt and kicked my ass . So i told her i hated her . She Looked over her Shoulder and said something stil today im trying to figure it out . SO Im Have been Trying To Tell Her In need Mentally Help Because i suffer from Mentally Illness And No Body Believes Me To My Third a Temmpt came to my mind but  Worst Than Ever . I Tryied To Burn My Self .But I Stole The Gas ,Matches and more I Locked mY Self In My rooom and burned my dolls and ran to the bathroom so no body noticed  what i was doing so my mom Can in And She Sent Me with my father my father does crack and coke and weed so i left and ran away and can back home and sat down with my mom and stepdad i told them i suffer from mental illness they both kissed me and gave me a hug i told them i loves them i would kill my self if it ment keeping them happy.this Is My StoryyI Hope you Like it 

–   Brianna

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