Tired of being a Fuck up

  August 24th, 2011 by chalkywhite75

I often wish I could go back to the days of My childhood,cliched as that is.Not because I desire some lost sense of innocence but because I had so much potential laying before Me.I was a good student.I was thoughtful and considerate.My family was proud of Me.Now at the age of twenty,I feel like I’ve completely failed at Life.I was a lousy student in secondary school and fucked up a lot in exams.I am only just scraping by in College in a course I hate but took to make people happy.I only have a few friends and I can tell They don’t like Me.Anytime I start forming a bond I mess it up with My own stupidity.I’ve grown to hate many aspects of My personality.My family doesn’t like Me.I just wish I was good at something.That I could make people see that I’m not just some waster who is only concerned with Himself.But I know that its not going to happen.I want to make others happy again.And I’m beginning to think that will only happen once I’m gone

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