September 7th, 2011 by Morpheas

Can anyone direct me to something that will make me believe that is worth living for?  I know it may sound pathetic but honestly, I really don’t get it…. Some people are depressed coz something happened to them and want to end their lives. I don’t agree with it…I don’t want to end my life but I want to find something that will make me wanna live for…now i live coz i have to…I can’t find something that it fundamentally wrong with me or my life, I have an ok job, earn enough money to have a good life, I am gay and I have a partner (11 years now) which I very much love and he does love me too, I am well educated, travel a lot, plenty of holidays, great family….but still despite all these I am really unhappy…depressed….i am now 36 years old and I don’t see why should I keep living till my 70s..where is the point? Some of you may think I am a spoilt person that found everything ready…trust me I fought and worked hard for everything I ‘ve got…but nothing else is there for me to get …nothing that I really think it is work living for….is this normal? Do other people feel like that?

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