Everyone Stick Together

  September 13th, 2011 by Christina

I just wanted to say that i found this website so long ago and i’ve been trying so hard to be there for everyone im here what i cannot explain enough is that we all feel the same way! We all understand what each other is feeling and going through so instead lets start talking to each other and things like that cause we dont judge and we understand we gotta stay alive because if we all die out then the next person who are they gonna run to when they wanna die but just want someone to talk to its so important we talk to each other and work through this i’ve been through so much stuff in my life and have been for 9 years of my life now and im only 21 and always feel like ending it but the fact that i know people out there feel this way i wanna be there for them cause i would never judge them and i would listen to what they have to say so e-mail me mkafan12@yahoo.com IM HERE!!!!!

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