Holding Me Back

  September 4th, 2011 by SuicideKillMe

Next month i want to do it cause well it supposed to be my birthday then and thats how i want to die on my birthday. Lets just say, its a little personal gift for myself. But anyways i have pently of time to do it although my birthday is on fucking fall break i might just do it ealier. But that someonthing that one thing that seems to be holding me back from doing it. That is i die then they will be left here all alone. The reason why im still here is because of him. Although we been together for three months it seem to be the greatest. He makes me happy and feel special. I cant let him go with my deed. So for now i guess i have to put it on hold. That i will have to wait awhile before i do off myself.

So what is really your reason your still here? What is suddenly holding you back from offing yourself?

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