It all ends tonight.

  September 4th, 2011 by MissunderstoodCharacter

I'm messed up. So very messed up.
I just want this to all to be over.
I want to die.
I can't take anymore ridicule.
I can't take anymore abuse.
I can't take anymore blame.
Tonight once my house becomes completely silent I will leave through my window for the last time.
With a bag full of every prescription pill I have I will walk to the old rail road track bridge.
Once I get there I will swallow every last one of the pills that were supposed to help.
After I will write one last note explaining myself.
So that whoever it may be that finds me won't bother to call for an ambulance.
I will wait an hour for the pills to do the damage.
If I'm still conscience after that I'm going to jump.
So you see, I have no plan to make it to tomorrow.
Because tomorrow would just bring more pain and suffering.
Tomorrow would mean more verbal, physical, and sexual abuse.
Tomorrow would mean more fake smiles and laughs.
Tomorrow would mean more lies and deceiving.
Tomorrow would mean more disappointment and consequences.
Tomorrow would mean living through another day of hell.
Eternal damnation? I'm already living it.
Goodbye world.
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