Its so damn funny…

  September 14th, 2011 by Roaming_Soul

Its funny how my heart screams for help, yet my mouth says ” Im ok” out loud.

Its funny how I tried all my life to stay alive, but now I am trying to die.

Its funny how I walk around with a huge smile on my face that lights up the room, but inside me there is total darkness.

Its funny how I give people advice, yet I’m the one that needs all the help I can get.

Its funny that Im affraid of pain, but everyday I cut myself.

Its funny that people say “life gets better”, but infact its getting worse.

Its funny how the people that are loved the most, still crave more leaving none for the rest of us.

Its funny how I feel so alone, even though I am constantly surrounded by people.

Its funny how I call people friends, but can’t turn to any of them when I have a crisis.

LIfe is so DAMN ‘FUNNY’ isn’t it? and thats why life pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!

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