September 12th, 2011 by breaking_the_cycle

I close my eyes just to see your face, remembering the sound of your laugh/Such a beautiful life, brought to such a terrible end/There’s no use trying to pretend, I know now what has to be done/Can you ever forgive me? I try to speak to you in my dreams/But you can’t hear my voice, above your scream/I can’t escape these feelings of remorse,/I can’t heed their advice, to stay the course/My sense of direction always pointing to self rejection/It all gets better with time, oh it’s such a lie/I can’t hide the pain streaming out of my eyes/I try to take a step in the right direction, only to trip, on my guilty conscience/My soul wilting, like the flowers at your grave/I’d ask to be rescued, if there was something left to save/Now I’m waiting for you, to make me whole, to help me forget how I’ve lost control, of my life/How am I supposed to be happy? How am I supposed to move on?/I can’t forgive myself for what I’ve done wrong/Can you save me? ┬áCan you hear me?/My cries for help silenced by my need for self-loathing/No satisfaction from this so called life, my heart’s exploding/Can you save me? Can you hear me?/My screams echoing into the night, I can’t forget, how I stole your life


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