Reached a dead end

  September 14th, 2011 by stuckandhopeless

So recently I have reached a dead end. I should inform of all of my struggles from the beginning so that this may seem a little easier to follow. I was diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder about 8 months ago. I was on anti-depressants that actually seemed to help. About 4 months ago I stopped taking them. About a year ago I accumulated some credit card and medical bills that have put my current debt total to about $8K. I have my own apartment. I work full time. I have a dog of which I love with all of my heart. I have little to no friends. I have moved  from TN to FL to follow my dad and now step mom. I hate my job. I want to go back to college but have a learning disability. The daily struggle is that my apartment lease is up in 15 days and I have nowhere to go. I cant afford the deposits on another apartment.  I already feel so alone living down here I just dont want to go on like this. My parents said they would help me if I got rid of my dog. I cant do that, hes the only thing I have left. But if I dont move in with them Ill never go to school again because of my debts.. I dont know what to do or where to turn. I feel like I just dont have an option anymore. I dont want to live this way. I feel so alone and isolated. Not having any friends is really hard. Giving up my dog so that I can save money doesnt seem like a possibility. If I dont, where would I live? The bills just keep coming in and piling up. I wish I had someone to tell me what to do and what would happen but I dont. Noone does. How do you know if its even worth the struggle? My life is so complicated.. This fate has been eating me alive and soon the future will be here and the choice will be made FOR me..

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