September 6th, 2011 by jennifermh65

Being in a relationship hasnt brought me any pleasure. It allways brings me grief and anger. My longest relationship is a year. My bipolarness gets in the way of me being one person. People dont like dating more than one person. I had a boyfriend once that told me that it was like being with 5 different girls.

I have tried being myself with these people but how am i supose to know witch one is me? I once was so off my rocker I married an abuse man who wieghed 200 more pounds than me and was 2 feet tall than me. I thought I was in love and had everthing. After a year and 2 months I finally got away.

Even my relationship with my family members are all messed up. My mother got pregnant with me so she could get a divorce. I bet she didnt think about anyone else but herself. I would have been better not born at all. I cant even go 2 hours without thinking about suicide.

My relationship with myself is even worser than my relationship with everyone else. I cant stand to look at my self. I do everything for everyone else. I let people take advantage of me. Ill say no but they keep pushing it. Why cant any of my relationships make any sence? I have been kinda starving myself so I would lose wieght. Ive been doing things I shouldnt be doing.

Why Cant I Just Have A Normal Life?

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