Talk is SO cheap

  September 8th, 2011 by Roaming_Soul

I’ve been seeing a psychologist lately. I was totally agianst it at first, but then I thought what the hell, life is crap already what else could go wrong. She told me that if she needed to she could have me admitted to a psych ward…WOAH! hold on! that would only make me feel shityer! I would have everyone breathing down my neck and I would be a lab rat that people just watch all day. I dont think I can talk to her anymore. she scares me and thats not how I want to feel as I went to her to feel comfortable and talk about lifes hassles. It’s already hard for me to open up, but hey what can you do. Now I feel like my words meant nothing to her! she is just waiting for me to say something wrong so that she can throw me to a psych ward…I guess I won’t be going back!
Things are better off if I keep them to myself.

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