November 11th, 2011 by LegitApplePie

Life is full of choices. Some good, some bad, but in the end, we all make choices every single day. The choice to get out of bed at the first buzz of the alarm clock. The choice to wear that shirt with those pants. The choice to hold the door open for the person behind you. We make choices whether we are aware of them or not. Sometimes, the choices we make are big. Like choosing where you want to live. Choosing how to act around your family. Choosing whether or not you want to take your life tonight. For me, I’m running our of choices. Everyone is done with my shit and I don’t know where to go. To me, the choice of taking my own life seems like the only choice I have left.



That’s what suicide is for me; A way out. A way of dealing with all the things I never learned how to cope with. Dealing with all the people I can’t take. Dealing with the words I don’t want to hear. Suicide is my last choice.

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