I have nothing left

November 30th, 2011by whatisleftforme

Over the past year i’ve been experiencing a variety of medical problems. My main concern is a state of vertigo i am always in. Every waking moment of my day is spent feeling dizzy and wanting to throw up, this is not a mental thing I am sure as hell feeling it in the depths of my stomach. All my symptoms point to the little known Menieres disease, of which there is no cure and is degenerative. It affects balance and hearing. I’m 19, and i’ve read alot about this disease, what seems to be of common occurence is that it generally gets worse as people age. Treatment is ineffective, and there is no cure. I can’t bare the thought of being an invalid for any moment of my life. I feel like my life has burnt out to a natural end. It is better for me to go now and for people to remember me as a lively 19 year old rather than an incapicated 30 year old. I want to end my life so badly, but i want it to be quick and painless. I do not want my family to know until after my death, for which i have already prepared notes detailing my thoughts.  I hope someone reads this and can take a more positive outlook on their own life. Don’t get me wrong life is great, I just can’t see myself not leading a normal one. For those of you who have read this I thank you sincerely from the depths of my soul. God bless us all

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