a simple teenager

  December 12th, 2011 by james page

hello every 1 my name is james i live in ireland my story begins from a very young age back in juiniour infants or as you say in U.S.A. where a lot of you are from kinder guarden i was avoided alot because i was the new kid and all the other kids over the years took this as an advantage to pick on me for fun.   Because i had no 1 to talk to i want very depresed and stated talking to myself just to pretend i had some 1 to talk to to make me happy and I still do this up to this day.    I was not able to tell my parents because my mum a terrible person to talk to and my dad has serious anger problems and smokes weed because of his anger problems i have always been scared of people I am now 15 years where its realy getting rough with my jouniour cert coming up and its im possible to study with all this bulling horror its also causing me to lose my consintration in school and my grades are getting worse i have a ps3 with friends from uk including a girlfriend at first we were all so happy but i dont know what happened an argument started and weve all gone our seprate ways and my girlfriend has very bad anger ishues and she calls me tons of horrible names so im left with no one , no 1 to talk to , no 1 to be my fiend , and no 1 to love me this is what has brought  me to suicide puberty has taken over and suicide is all i think about now so this is my question if i do kill myself how will ever1 feel will they be happy that im finaly gone out of their lifes or will they all stop and realise that they have taken my life and remember me as a no 1 who just wanted a simple friend.

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